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long time, no talk [16 Sep 2008|02:16pm]
boredom has brought me back to lj. among other things.

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update [14 Feb 2008|07:26pm]
somethings have chaneged over the past few months. it feels like i should clarify just so things are written in stone.

i've said some mean things about the whole nate/kevin fight. and like i've stated previously, i was pretty mad at kevin. but time heals everything and kevin nathan and i are all friends again. which works out pretty well because we'll all be in PG this summer. and there wont be any kind of awkwardness for once.

its also worth mentioning that i i passed EMT school and i'm currently in fire school. i just can't wait till this summer. i'll be ready to start a career and everyone will be in PG.
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[09 Jan 2008|01:37pm]
Just wanted to say something real quick. whoever commented on one of my entries as an anonymous user, you didn't leave your name. so either comment again with your name or send me an i/m at 'church redvsblue'
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another summary, but light hearted. [14 Sep 2007|02:06pm]
so my music taste has changed a lot since high school. back in the day i was a huge fan of emo and screamo. i still am. but i can say there is another genre that is equal with emo/screamo as well.

if you know me well you already know this. and i will admit this is a weird combo with emo/screamo. i'm addicted to techo/trance now. i'm a big fan of Daft Punk and most of DJ Inphinitys work. i'll listen to most techno unless it has a horrible beat.

with all that has gone on i've also gotten less 'emo' or whatever it is you would have classified me as. i have a lip ring now. it ok. feels like its not even there. i still wear lakai every day though. i still have all my old lakai shirts. i see no reason to buy new shirts. waste of money. i'm more money conscience now as well. paying almost all your bills will do that to someone. i've always been froogle but now even more so. thankfully my parents help me out with car insurance, cell phone bills, and tuition.

another thing that came with moving was getting away from my parents. i have to say i appreciate them A LOT more now that i don't see them all the time. they were good parents and i'm not dissatisfied with how i was raised.

and i work at abercrombie and fitch now. i've been there for a year. it's pretty odd actually. in high school i would have been voted 'least likely to work at A&F' or i'm sure that would have been the case had there been a poll. but its not a bad job. i started out as an impacter and now i work as an overnighter. i listen to music and fold clothes all night. it's a good job. however i would rather work at gamestop. discount on games is more appealing than a discount on A&F.

oh, a really awesome thing happend to me. a while ago actually. during the senior graduation party. (project graduation) i'll start from the beggining because it's an amazing story.

tyler dugas told me the first 50 people to get in got a free digital camera. we were in the first ten or so. sure enough they were giving out camera. only they wernt digital. they were disposable. so w/e i got a free camera. now to the good part. when you first walk in there was a table filled with prizes. an HDTV, an Xbox 360, an iPod, a laptop, etc. now the hosts of the party gave everyone 8 tickets. you could put your 8 tickets in any box in any order or quantity. you get the gist of it. so all my former classmates started shoving their tickets in. I, on the other hand, waited two hours in. once everyone was there and everyone stopped putting tickets in.

(this is where you realize i'm a genius. i knew if i put my tickets in last. they would be on top. 'but the shake up the boxes' yeah thats what youre thinking. but this story proves you wrong, and proves that i actually did something right for once!)

so i had 8 tickets, but which boxes to choose? well as a weird coincidence my Xbox had died on me at the last senior event. (awesome story with that too) anyway, i needed a new console. and it was the next gen console to boot! so i put 7 of my tickets in the Xbox 360 box and one in the HDTV box for good measure.

at the end of the night it was time to call prize winners. once they started calling for the 360 i knew i won before they even called my last number. i ran up and picked up my prize. and just to round it all out. i also won a microwave. yeah...awesome story.

and just to let you know, i kept that 360 for a year and a half, then sold it to a co-worker for $300 and bought a brand new Xbox 360 Elite for $129.

so those have been the light hearted things to happen in my life recently. all very interesting and i know you are awaiting my next post.
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summary [13 Sep 2007|04:48pm]
i'm bored enough to post another entry in my live journal.

i've updated recently but didn't really go into detail. so, for the sake of boredom, i'll go into a little bit of my life the last few years.

so i left off in senior year when meghan broke up with me. reason for that was because i made a dumb mistake and did something to myself that isn't normal, moral, or sane. fill in the blanks for yourself. if you are my friend then you know what i'm talking about.

anyway, after meghan i got involved with a girl named nicole and did the exact same thing. i fucked it all up myself. and i can see that and i have no grudge against either of those girls.

so for the second half of senior year i wasn't involved with any girls. i actually concentrated more on having fun with friends. i would like to thank them now. quick shout outs to:

nate, tyler, cory, landon, ross, frank p, blake, even f, samir, kevin g, and of course... sammie and jena. those are the people that got me through senior year. best friends, work friends, cousins, and bffs. thanks guys. anyway, i've lost most of them as friends now since i moved. but if they ever read this they can at least know they were there for me.

so i'll skip to the end of senior year. i ended up quitting Winn Dixie after a few problems occurred. i messed up a bit and so did they. i was blamed for breaking an egg in the freezer, and i didnt do it. but i did skip out on work on a friday. of course i told them i would never work fridays. suffice it to say...i put in my two weeks and my vacation hours the exact same day and came out of it with a smile on my face. looking back i feel kind of bad about it. but i'll always remember Winn Dixie as my best job.

after that i worked with a friends father constructing pool cages. it was ok and gave me some extra cash in the summer.

then i went to orlando. when i look back i'd say it was a bad decision. i should have gone to edison. but i wanted to leave PG to get away from bad memories. i will admit it worked. but i'll be completely honest. i am not a good college student in any way. i failed almost all my classes in the first semester and then desperately tried to compensate in my second. although i did a decent job. it wasnt good enough. i took one more summer course to try and improve my GPA.

this course was programming. the foundation of my major and subsequently my career. half way through the class i realized how much i hated it. and went through a phase in which i pondered what i would do for the rest of my life. i would love to be a movie director. but lets face it, its not a career i would be guaranteed to get into. so with help from my parents i decided i wanted to pursue a career in fire fighting and EMT.

so i'm going to start classes in october. i already have my CPR certification. ive thought about it greatly and i believe i will be happy with this decision.

so that where i'm at in life right now.

however i feel like ishould speak about one other thing. it's kind of a side story and really isnt about me. but i lost a pretty good friend a few months back. Nathan Osborne. he was enrolledi in UCF aswell. along with Kevin Rutherford and I. anyway, nate suffered from the same thing as me. he liked going back home. however i was able to keep it under wraps. now thats not to say i'm a better person than nathan or a better student. Nate and I (and kevin although not as severely) were not good college students. we shirked our responsibilities all the time. and way to make a long story short... nate when home to PG almost every weekend. kevin and i should have said something erlier on. but we kept it in. after about 3 or 4 months of this kevin decided to be a complete asshole about it and talk behind nates back. i will admit that i was aswell and i am not innocent in the least. of course Kevin went extreme with it and ultimately created a rift in all three of our friendships.

so Nate lives in PG with his father, and Kevin and I live in Orlando in the same apartment. i do not like kevin. (if for some reason he is reading, i know he knows. but now its confirmed) so none of us are really friends any more. and its a pretty sad outcome. but thats what happens when people arent honest.

so thats my life in a nutshell. i might post on here again, i might not. anyway good luck to myself and all my friends.
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ok so... [25 Aug 2007|07:56pm]
i still remember my login and password. and after reading my last post, i can say danielle and i are done. w/e she was one of those girlfriends that filled the void. she was a good looking girl and had a decent personality. but in all honesty she wasnt a good kisser and she was a drunk. plus i think she liked me as much as i liked her. (not so much)

in addition to my previous post i admit that i was very immature back in high school. but of course i'm sure if i ever do look at this again i'll say the same thing.

so anyway, gl to myself.
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holy fucking shit [07 Feb 2007|12:16pm]
[ mood | happy ]

all i can say is i was a little bitch back in the day. i really cant believe how much time has passed. i'm out of high school and go to ucf now. up until recently i've been in a mediocre state. i have good friends, i have nice things, but i didnt have a girlfriend. as of right now i can say i'm pretty happy. hopefully this continues on. i know Danielle will never read this, but i'm putting it on the table. she means a lot to me and she is beautiful.

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a gaping hole, shot through my heart </3 [14 Oct 2005|11:11pm]
[ mood | not good ]

meghan broke up with me, and for a pretty dumb reason, i guess i didn't mean as much to her as she did to me...............< / 3

i'm officially done with relationships, they are so awesome for the first 2 weeks, but then....they go to hell. we dated for 3 weeks, but this last week i knew something was up, so w/e now i'm just ranting

....goodbye, it was fun while it lasted

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[12 Oct 2005|09:55pm]
[ mood | goodish ]

today was normal, after school i picked up landon and we went to jeffs to play airsoft, it rained tho. so we took his ramp and placed it over his sewage thing, needless to say we flooded his entire street and created a huge whirlpool. after that we got t-bell and then i came home to listen to senses fail.

i really wanted to hang out with meghan today, but i couldn;t :( ..... <3

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[11 Oct 2005|09:07pm]
[ mood | still damn good ]

today was fun, funniest thing that happend was probably right before 1st period. meghan and i were talking outside mrs tidwels class, and mrs perry ALWAYS watches us. anyway after i gave meghan her goodbye kiss, mrs perry says "parting is such sweet sorrow" like she was a part of the whole thing, i swear that lady is stalking us.

also we had a huge airsoft fight, and landon is a crazy trigger happy mofo, hes the best cousin ever, but he needs to not be so trigger happy, he shot pretty much everything he could

anyway i need to clean my room...so i will

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[10 Oct 2005|09:31pm]
[ mood | still pretty damn good ]

so today was a good day, got 9 lakai shirts that i ordered about 1 and a half months ago. fucking sweet.
also i got my airfoft gun, but i still have two more coming....a p90 and an m4, i got my pistol today.
.....Meghan Bahr rocks hard core!!!

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[09 Oct 2005|08:26pm]
[ mood | pretty damn good ]

ok i didn't get to update last night because i got in from homecoming at 1:00 in the morning
long story short......homecoming rocked hardcore, meghan is my everything <3

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i hold it all when i hold you [06 Oct 2005|09:39pm]
[ mood | damn good ]

damn........ i haven't updated in a long ass time, i guess a lot has been happening. the most important thing that has happend is the fact that i now have a girlfriend. her name is Meghan Bahr and she is the single greatest thing to ever happen to me. we hang out all the time. tomarrow will be our two week aniversary.
i'm really excited about saturday too, becasue saturday is homecoming and meghan and i are going together, and i got my mom to buy me a $200 suit and like $80 pants. i wanna look my best for meghan, homecoming should be awesome.

new rules:
--i'm going to try to post a new comment on here everynight before go to bed, probably sometime around 10:00
--i'm going to write in this journal like i'm the only one that can see it, so if i say something about you and you tell me to take it out (this has happend before) i'm not going to
--new rules take affect .....NOW

ok so today was sports day and i was decked out in miami clothes, with the exception of a lakai because i rep lakai all the time 24/7. anyway, i wore all that because meghan told me she was going to wear all seminoles and i figured it would be funny to go the exact oppisite.
before school starts i always hang out with meghan cuzz shes awesome, and erin took a pic of me, meghan, jeff, and kyle. kyle was UF, jeff and meghan were FSU, and of course i was miami.
first period was easy because we never realy do anything in there, except for butt easy vocab tests, but today all we did was draw a picture of some guy from cantaberry tales
second period consisted of me and jerrika(my powerpoint partner) finishing up our powerpoint project. she was all decked out in miami too, so it was awesome
third period was funny as usual because mrs. smith is dumb as fuck and always over reacts to people talking, so me, cameron, and frank all did our "skit" and called mrs smith bonita and magnifica and said we loved her, needless to say we got a good grade.
fourth period was me sleeping while listening to my ipod
fith period was me squirting water all over nick, because he thought it would be funny if he squirted me(he didn't kno who he was dealing with)
in sixth period me and randy are doing a powerpoint on models, so that class is fun as hell right now, although mr. stien did get mad at us yesterday becasue some of our pictures were "unacceptible" for school standards......yeah oops.

after school meghan and i went to the parade (after i called off work) and we had people throw candy at us, i saw a lot of people i knew too, it was cool
after that meghan and i went to the powder puff game were the seniors got there asses beat....if was rainy and cold but we had each others body warth to keep us warm.

and now i'm typing this cuzz i'm bored............later

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[06 Sep 2005|08:11pm]
[ mood | damn good ]

well i'm bored as fuck so, i'll go ahead and post a new entry.........
labor day weekend was pretty cool, a lot happend. the main events were movies and a birthday party. in a few simple words i had a blast. first things first, jocelyn went to gay town so i couldn't hang out with her :( but i had to get over that and i made the best of it and did other stuff.

thursday night: picked up my $100.00 check (aproximatley $100) and also worked

friday night: i went to the movies with nicole, sammie, and jena. they are awesome, i paid for all of their tickets too, cuzz i'm just amazing like that....total of $26.00. we saw red eye which was actually pretty cool, i heard it sucked but i was actually impressed, especcially when she stabbed the guy in the neck. any way, it was pretty fun and i enjoyed my time with nicole like i always do.

saturday: work from 8-3:30 no details, you dont wanna hear them

Saturday party: right after work i went and bought arielle's "package" ($10) and went to her house to pick up her, erika(her sister) and chel-c, we drove to gilcrest and to mikes party and i got to hear arielle sing....and she kicks ass. anyway we got there around 4:15ish and had a fountain party, a.k.a. random crazyness in the the ghetto ponce de leon fountain thingy there. and arielle was right, fountain parties are awesome. i skated a lot too and also went on a little drive with erika, fun fun fun. which coincidentily lost me $20 because ryan temple forgot to give me the fucking change for those gatorades. we took stupid random pictures too, (see myspace pictures) pretty much a good time. p.s. mike lambert is my homie and hes aweosme (i gave his $15 for his b-day, cuzz i'm so nice)

Saturday night: after the party i drove arielle, erika, and sarah home. we went to walmart for some gay ass reason and then to taco bell. of course me being amazing i paid for arielle and erika. taco bell bill $23 (adding the times i went while at work) after the taco run we went back to arielles house and chilled in my car.....but the best part was when i was driving..........erika gives the best massages, and i fucking mean it, i owe her big time.

sunday: work from 11:30-9......samir and robbie quit and walked out on mr wallace, kinda dumb of them to give up such an easy job, but its their loss not mine, plus this means frank and nate can go stock now, i'll miss samir at work, but hey, we'll still hang out and see each other at school so its all good.

sunday night: chilled at nates till like 11:00. basically we all pissed of nate by throwing ducktape into his fan blades.....o and cds

monday: went to the beach with nate and ty and cory and jeff and ashley ewing, it was kinda cool, but nate was being a bastard about some stuff, w/e i kinda liked saturday and friday better :( also i spent $5.00 on food from the BK lounge (burger king) and on icecream

monday night: went to samirs to play poker......i got "second place" a.k.a. i lost but i still beat samir and kyle so i felt good.

tuesday went to school and did "school stuff" highlight of the day would probably be the hugs i got from the two hottest people at our school. Jocelyn and samir..........j/king about the samir thing, although he did hug me. but i wouldn't expect anything less from that kid.

over all weeked summary....spent $99.75 in 4 days.....wow i;m good
$26.00 on movie tickets
$10.50 on arielles "package"
$23.25 on taco bell
$15.00 on mikes b-day money
$05.00 on bk and icecream
$20.00 on gatorades!!! and ryan didn't give me the change

currently: i'm trying not to be bored, pretty much i'm waiting for arielle, jocelyn, or nicole to get on aim, or i'm going to lay down and listen ot hawthorne heights.........................................................................

the end

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[21 Aug 2005|05:27pm]
this weekend was fucking awesome, just like last weekend....hung out with my bffe: arielle, nicole, sammie, and jena.
they are so awesome i love them all
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[14 Aug 2005|06:55pm]
See my comment statisticsCollapse )
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[02 Aug 2005|10:25pm]
[ mood | pretty damn good ]

stuff is happening, things are changing, and i'm so bored that i will update, but not a real update, just like incomplete sentences:

yesterday i hung out with erika, it was cool, who knew random car rides could be so fun, deff gotta hang with her again, and stuff.

i hung out with jocelyn today, it was fun, we need to hang out again, and jocelyn is the coolest person on the planet, she pwns me.

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wow [11 Jul 2005|10:20am]
[ mood | mother fucking loved ]

life is so fucking sweet!

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I'll take you to the top, of this building and just push you off........ [06 Jul 2005|06:32pm]
[ mood | pretty good, amazingly ]

things are going suprisingly well. i'm meeting new people and makeing new friends.
and at work i'm going to be working dairy now.....and from what i hear its pretty damn easy.
its all over now................for real this time

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[04 Jul 2005|01:05am]
[ mood | ...ehhhhh ]

on a happier note.....went to a party today, it was pretty fun. slip and slide and all that jazz. fireworks too. just heard fall out boy and they are cool.......

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